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GDi is an innovative and award winning provider of applied technology solutions. For more than 25 years we have been providing our customers with proven industry focused business process software and data solutions that are built and operate on world leading technology platforms.

Furthermore, our solutions are complemented by a full range of related professional services, training and on-going long-term support, maintenance, managed operation and system change management. We are particularly well known for leadership in the field of Operations Support Systems (OSS), Decision Support Systems (DSS), Cloud Computing and Geoinformation Systems (GIS) for both the commercial and public market segments.

GDi was founded in 1989 and with a current client base of more than 1000, we are one of the largest Central European companies in our field.
Our core focus is on providing solutions for management of resources, assets and operations in telecommunications, energy, government, agriculture and food, natural resources, environment, security and safety, and commercial industries.

Creating Efficiencies. Stimulating Growth.

Across multiple industry sectors, GDi products and solutions are enabling organisations of all sizes to significantly reduce costs and increase the efficiency of many tasks, including those within resource management, asset management, services management, operations management and business planning. In short, our clients are transforming the way their businesses and organisations work – the resulting gains in efficiency and reduction in costs ultimately leading to increased business growth and value.

In addition, our products and solutions can be seamlessly integrated with existing business IT systems. We also provide complete consultation, support and training services. Moreover, our implementation scenarios fit the needs of any organisation – these include self-hosted, fully hosted and dedicated cloud using our own GDi Convivo delivery platform.

Applying Geography

In today’s world it is essential for businesses and organisations to leverage the power of location within workflows and business processes. Using a traditional  Geographic Information System (GIS) you can collect, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of spatial or geographical data. You can also query and interpret this data in order to understand relationships, patterns, and trends. However, GDi products and solutions are a significant advancement over these simpler systems.

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GDi Solution Days 2016 – Belgrade, Skopje and Tirana

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Success at GDi Solution Days 2016, Zagreb

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  • GDi Solution Days 2016 Zagreb

GDi Solution Days 2016 – Zagreb

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